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The Douai Foundation is pleased to announce a new call for grant applications.

The Charity

The Foundation is a UK-based charity (Registered Charity Number 1194988). Its objectives are to support and promote Benedictine education at home and abroad. To date, the Foundation has funded projects in India, South Africa, Tanzania and Chile, as well as here in the United Kingdom.

Scope & Priority

Grant applications are invited for any projects which support the Foundation’s objectives, up to a maximum of £4,000.

Applications may be made by schools and colleges with a Benedictine ethos, by individual monastic communities, or by Benedictine congregations. Applications by individuals will only be accepted where they can demonstrate a wider benefit to young people and society.

The Foundation is cognisant of the fact that almost all the established Benedictine educational institutions across the world are Roman Catholic. However, it is open and ecumenical in its approach, and would welcome applications from Anglican Benedictines.

Priority will be given to smaller projects, where the grant makes a very significant contribution towards its completion. Priority will also be given to initiatives which are uniquely Benedictine in their nature, rather than for generic projects. In particular, the Foundation would welcome applications from fledgling schools and colleges, or from communities which are intending on starting a school. The Foundation would especially welcome applications from countries in which it has not yet operated.

Joint/matched funding

The Foundation will accept applications for joint or matched funding.


Applications should be made using the attached form, then sent to Mrs Holly Little at:


The deadline for grant applications is Tuesday 31 May 2022. Grants will be confirmed by Thursday 30 June 2022.

The award of grants is entirely at the discretion of the Foundation and its decision is final.

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