The St. Lioba Boarding House Appeal

We are delighted to announce that this appeal was launched at our Foundation Gala on Friday 1st October 2021 and over £15,000 was raised, which is enough to fund the boarding house. Please read about the project below:

The congregation of Benedictine Sisters of St. Lioba – Ashirbhavan Priory, Bhopal, India, and its branch houses, are dedicated to: educational, pastoral, medical, charitable and social works.
On 7th  June 2014, a new station was erected in Shngimawlien – Nongstoin Diocese of Meghalaya in the north-east of the country, where the majority of people are Catholic and from deprived areas. Two of the nuns are engaged in the education ministry teaching in the local school, and others take care of health needs by running a small dispensary. They also attend to the pastoral needs of the Christian communities by visiting their families and offering spiritual support to them.

Now, a new reflective venture has been launched in the Khasi West hills , with a view to educating girls in this locality.

The Sisters want to reach out to people in the Khasi West hills  area; to strengthen the Christian community by  opening a boarding house for 100 girls. As their family conditions are very poor, the girls are not often able to complete their education. They usually study up until the 5th grade (aged 11) and then discontinue their studies, or they have to travel long distances to get their education. The Sisters hope  that this boarding house will allow them to develop their education and skills and give them alternative choices to the agricultural work that is the main form of work for people in this area.

The main requirement of the project is financial assistance for these tribal girls . This will allow them to stay in the boarding  house and complete their academic studies from classes 1 to 10.  Along with holistic development through education, vocational training, counselling and self awareness programmes, we will further develop the education of these girls.

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