About us

The Douai Society has existed since 1868 for the old boys and girls of the school, organising events and supporting activities for members. But since the school closed in 1999, we recognise that ultimately the Society will diminsh in number and eventually cease to exist.

Therefore, in 2019 the Society’s Council spent a weekend considering the options for the future and decided to create a charitable foundation to use the Society’s resources to support Benedictine education, while preserving the legacy of the former school. Please click here to visit the Douai society website.

The Foundation has been set up with the primary aim of promoting Benedictine education at home and abroad. The Foundation is in its infancy but has already made grants to Inkamana High School in South Africa and The Nursing School of Ndanda Abbey in Tanzania. We hope to extend our funding to projects in Chile, India, Sri Lanka and the UK.

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