Projects in South America

South America:

Colegio Catolico San Benito, Esquipulas, Guatemala

Grant: £4,000

San Benito is a mixed secondary school run by the Swiss-American Benedictines in the far south of Guatemala. Its pupils are taught science, but until now the lessons have been purely theoretical, as they have lacked any equipment in their laboratory. Thanks to our grant, they now have access to microscopes, a water pump, digital scales, a pH meter, pipettes, test tubes and brushes.

Colegio San Lorenzo, Santiago, Chile

Grant: £2,120

Colegio San Lorenzo is run by the Manhueques, a group of Benedictine laymen and women. In a deprived suburb of Santiago, it struggles to offer pastoral activities, as neither the government nor corporate sponsors will fund these. The Foundation’s grant will enable them to carry out the ‘Tutoria’, a mentorship programme based on lectio divina.

Our Lady of Lourdes, Bella Vista, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Grant: £4,600

Our Lady of Lourdes is a school for disabled children in a suburb of Buenos Aires. Our grant, matched by funding from elsewhere, has enabled the school to recondition a shipping container as a carpentry workshop for its students.

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