Projects in Europe

In 2022 the Foundation helped to fund the following projects:


St Nicholas School (John Paul II Nursery), Jaroslaw, Poland

Grant: £6,615

Benedictines have been in Jaroslaw since the early 17th century, and today the nuns are responsible for running the St Nicholas school, which includes a nursery school. The nursery is in desperate need of renovation due to recent expansion. Jaroslaw is just thirty miles from the Ukrainian border, and so in recent times they have taken in children of refugees, as well as serving the local Polish population.

Benedictine Monastery, Lviv, Ukraine

Grant: £2,500

The Benedictines only took over this monastery shortly before the invasion of Ukraine. They have since been critical in providing refuge to those fleeing the conflict. As reported earlier in the year, the grant will help purchase books and toys for young people passing through on their way to safety in Poland.

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