Benedictine Values

The Association of Benedictine Colleges & Universities identifies eleven defining values of a Benedictine education, based on the Rule of St Benedict:

Love of Christ & Neighbours – “We believe that the Divine presence is everywhere” (Rule 19)

Prayer – “Nothing is to be preferred to prayer” (Rule 43)

Stability – “Stand firm in one’s promises” (Rule 35)

‘Conversatio’ (transformation through devotion) – “Out of love for Christ…delight in virtue” (Rule 7)

Obedience – “Listen with the ear of the heart” (Prologue)

Discipline – “Let them bear their infirmities, of body and mind, with the utmost patience” (rule 72)

Humility – “Let him be humble” (Rule 31)

Stewardship- “Regard all utensils as if they were the sacred vessels of the altar” (Rule 31)

Hospitality – “Let all be received as Christ” (Rule 53)

Common Good – “The good of all concerned may prompt us to a little strictness” (Prologue)

Justice & Peace – “In all things may God be glorified” (Rule 58)

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