Foundation Ambassadors

Pablo Casado

Pablo was educated at Douai and in Madrid, and later qualified as a lawyer. He was elected to the Spanish Parliament in 2011, and in 2018 became the country’s Leader of the Opposition.

Robin Dyer

After Durham University, Robin became a professional cricketer, playing for Warwickshire in the 1980s. He then taught at Wellington College and was appointed Headmaster of Ampleforth in 2019.

Fr Cuthbert Elliott, OSB
Father Cuthbert is a native of Pennsylvania, and was educated at Saint Louis Priory School in Missouri, before earning degrees from the College of the Holy Cross and Oxford University. Ordained in 2015, he teaches Classics and Theology, and has been Headmaster of ‘Priory’ since 2018.  


Andrew Hobbs

After attending school at Worth, Andrew went to Magdalene College Cambridge, where he gained a Rugby Blue. He became Deputy Head of Downside in 2008 and Headmaster in 2018.

Andrew Johnson

Andrew started his teaching career at Douai, as did his wife Dawn. From 2006, he was Headmaster of Stonyhurst, before taking over as Headmaster of St Benedict’s Ealing in 2018.

Daniel McDonough

Dan was educated at MIT and University of New Hampshire, and started his career with IBM, before moving to Portsmouth Abbey School in Rhode Island in 1984 to teach mathematics. Apart from a three-year stint, he has been there since, becoming Headmaster in 2013. He lives on campus with his wife and children, and also coaches track and field.

Stuart McPherson

A native of Australia, Stuart taught at Sydney Grammar School and then Eton, before being appointed Headmaster of Worth in 2015.

Iris Nastasi

A native of Ireland, Iris is the first ever lay female Principal of Rosebank College in Sydney, having previously taught at various schools in New South Wales. 

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